Sunday, May 26, 2013

"I want to check you for....."

"Blood sucking parasites that hurt and leave you itching and paranoid about things like contracting a horrible disease or other bugs crawling all over you and getting into places where they shouldn't belong". Isn't that how the song goes? No? After the weekend camping with my darling Pathfinders and Adventurers, I have decided Brad Paisley is an idiot. I don't know if he has spent time checking anyone for ticks; I cant imagine it being a really titillating experience for either party. Especially if you find one. (shudder) It is a really horrible experience. Then, after the removal, comes the itching.... I guess by now my current conflict has become apparent. I HATE TICKS. I love nature...but this is ridiculous. This year the tick season was supposed to be bad. This is beyond bad. It seems like everyone in my family (including animals, excluding fish) has had to endure the wrath of the bloodsuckers. Today, my son acquired one mowing the lawn. I acquired one spraying around the house for bugs. I think I have had enough. There will be no more "time in nature" for this girl, unless it's at the beach. I am through with ticks. I don't even like the Superhero, "The Tick". and I love superheroes. ....Actually....I really just like Thor. But not the comic book Thor....;)

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