Sunday, October 10, 2010

Something old, Something new....

Old traditions can make wonderful new hobbies.

As some of you know, I've taken up cake baking. I do it from scratch; no box mixes for me, I do the whole shebang, icing included! And I love it. I started it as a way to save money...and It has turned out into quite an expirience.

I had the privilage of marrying a wonderful man who's mother was a professional cake decorator in her past (as well as a professional seamstress, but thats another blog!!). She had taught some Wilton Cake Decorating Classes in her past, so she helps me out with icing the cake, and we both do decorations. But I bake.

The first big cake we did was my wedding cake. It was a three tier cake, 3 different flavours. it was fantastic! I did a chocolate, strawberry, and white cake....and found the best chocolate and strawberry cake recipies known I progressed to doing cakes from different pan molds, and did a cute dinosaur for my sons birthday (see prior post). my newest second wedding cake. Some friends asked me to do the cake, and I agreed. we had a blast. It was awesome. I know, I have a lot of growing to do in my technique and baking...but for the second biggest project i've ever done, I think it went well. I baked, and made the icing; my mother in law iced, and we both decorated.

I learned one thing in this venture. Weddings, birthdays, and BIRTHdays......they are the little blurbs of joy in an otherwise very stressful, very exhasuting world. For me, expiriencing moments of complete non worry. living in the present, no concern of future, do dwelling in past...just the enjoyment of a beautiful, tasty's such a rarity...I completely enjoyed the exhaustion of today. :)