Thursday, March 28, 2013

My thoughts on Gay marriage

Normally I have very little to say about anything. But I am hard pressed not to say anything about this. Some would equate the right for gay marriage as the same as the right to interracial marriages. However, I think that they are not the same. At all. Our country, despite its current state, was founded on Biblical principles, and although we as a country have not always sided on the side of Biblical correctness, I believe we have a lot of people up there who still believe in the power of the Almighty and his wrath. I would like to point out that the Bible never spoke out against the color of a man as a reason for not marrying him, but rather his culture or his beliefs. Therefore, in my opinion, the decision that interracial relationships between a man and woman are valid is a Biblical and morally sound decision. Is it a decision the government needed to make? As a Bible believing, God fearing woman, I don’t think so. On the flip side, the Bible does have a lot to say about homosexual relationships, and none of them are positive. I think the real question is: should the government be expected to tell us what is truth, morally right, therefore acceptable?? Overall, I feel the government has no real business deciding who can and cannot get married. They are (as far as I am understanding) supposed to create and uphold laws of the land. Because of that, I feel the decision to marry or not to marry homosexuals should be left to the churches, and the governments should issue “binding contracts of care”, or whatever they want to call it, available to those who choose not to (or who can’t) get married in a church. Once the contract is signed, the individual parties can have all the legal implications of “marriage”; the religious & moral aspects of it can be left up to the churches, societies, cultures, whatever. I don’t think this contract needs to be issued for those who are able to or choose to get married in churches, because for those of us who are married, once you sign the marriage certificate, the “contract” is therefore “legal and binding”! I may be a bit under-informed, but it seems like the battle for gay people to be married started because they were being denied the legal rights that heterosexual people who got married received. The "right" for the marriage to be "accepted" is a social and personal issue, and one the governments cant force. Let the government deal with it on the legal end. Let the churches deal with it on the religious end. And let the people decide what is right for them.