Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I love food. I think eating is such a wonderful expirience to be shared with friends. One really must not eat alone if there is somene to eat with; then they should both eat slowly, enjoy the meal, the company, and the expirience of the whole thing. I've never tasted food from another persons perspective before, but I bet food tastes different to each person.
Today, I made butter herb pasta with veggie chicken. it was good. I had to add a bit more salt, and thought alfredo sauce would have made the dish. The individual I shared it with thought it was perfect, and alfredo sauce would be a bit much.

Prior to dinner, I had a bowl of Rocky Road ice cream. Good stuff.

I think dinners should always be done that way; eat desert first. That way, one is less likely to over eat, and then have to force themselves to eat desert. It may be the key in helping one lose weight. :)

That, and lots of water in the form of Kool-Aid. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Its late evening....

...and I once again am blogging.

I've recently become a Christian Radio Podcast junkie. I love Christian radio, and love the fact that most of the shows come in podcast form so I can download them and listen later. They've provided lots of support in my reading and studying. Living a biblically correct life has become an obsession; constant searching, reading, praying, (and listening to podcasts) has occupied my free time. I am not bored, but rather, intrigued by the challenge.

I wonder: is it possible to be all the Bible calls for a woman to be in this day and age?

I belive it is, but only by the grace of God.

Part of the "coolness" of my husband is that he desires to be the kind of man he feels the Bible calls men to be. It is very much a challenge (and struggle) for him as well.

One part of what God (through the Bible) calls us to do is to practice submission; him to God, me to him... and man, that's where most of our problems start! Its also, as I have been learning, one of the most important areas in developing a God centered family life -- submission.

I've also found, as a woman, it is also the most spoken against, anger stimulating part of our society. We, as women, have "fought so long against having to submit to anyone...." and yet, the Bible calls us to "submit to our husbands".

It's amazing how, when you talk to your friends and family, and tell them you want to live a God centered life and follow what the Bible says about how our family should be structured, and conduct itself, they are fully supportive.

Then you tell them ", in beliving the Bible is God's word and instruction for our lives, I've decided to do as it asks, and submit to the authority of my husband for that is what God wills..." they all of a sudden think you've gone bonkers, and you are dooming your and your children's lives to Hades.

Is this confusion? Double standards? Misunderstanding of what the Bible means?

...Or is it the uncovering of mans sinful nature, and unwillingness of man to accept Gods plans?

Whatever it is, I choose to do as I see God calls me to do, for I call myself a Christian.... and doing thus, obeying God is my duty.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

So I was thinking...

So many things have happened to me this past year. Nothing terribly unusual in the life of the human female, but nonetheless, the expiriences threw me into a whirlwild of emotional ups and downs that resulted in feeling waves of symptoms possibly most closely associated with minor depresssion.
To combat my waves, I've decided to start a blog; writing about nothings surely must help navigate the onslaught of somethings being thrown at me daily.

For starters, an introduction:
I am a "just thirty" female, married (2nd marriage) to a great guy, two wonderful adorable kids, one crazy, cool dog, and a job that is...well...a job. I have a Bachelor's degree in Social Work that has led me...nowhere, and a mind that desires to go...everywhere.

Introduction thus comptleted, I suppose I shall blog about my current interest: Crocheting.
So far, I've completed...Hats.
But, it is quite an accomplishment to someone who has never really crocheted anything before. I've done 3 or 4 hats, and now am starting on a stellar scarf. If it finishes out well...well then, some family members will be getting scarves for christmas.

but stylish ones. :)

I do love crocheting; I find it theraputic. It makes me happy. I'm working my way up to more complicated patterns, but I'm finding that usually, if the patterns are well explained, it is not complicated...just very specific.
And repetitive.

Thus concludes my current thoughts on...crocheting.

Well, now, I have just realized what time it is, and I need to get breakfast done.

I love sunday morning breakfasts. :)