Saturday, September 25, 2010

Odd Fondness...

So, earlier this summer a spider moved in.
Well, she didnt move into our home, she moved into our hallway, and established a web above our storage unit.
every night, she would build a beautiful web, and catch bugs. every morning...she was hiding in a corner, waiting for night.
She didnt bother us, and I decided to let her stay.
The entire summer has gone by; she got larger and larger, and her web got larger, but she stayed above our storage unit; when we opened the door, it did not alter her web (she had not attached any part of it to the door or anything) and she didnt drop down below the web to bother us, and so we ignored her. Every now and again though, we took pleasure in watching her do her thing, and got to show my son how spiders do thier thing. We developed a fondness for the spider. She never invaded on our storage unit space, just stayed right above it; every night, doing her thing...every morning, gone.

Well, she got pretty darn big. I was getting scared, and was thinking about 'reliving' her of her position. but I decided to wait a bit more. Recently, we looked for her in the evening....and she wasnt there. Well, she wasnt on her web. she was curled up, underneath the eaves of our storage unit, where the door opened. It was very hard for her to move(she was REALLY FAT by this time)...and she looked very uncomfortable.

Tonight, we saw that she had moved, and had created a very large egg sac on the outside side of the unit, where the door does not open.

My husband and I decided to look her up; if she was any threat, we would destroy the eggs. We found out she was a '"barn spider"; perfectly harmless, they actually used a barn spider as one of the main characters in 'Charolette's Web. (In reflecting on the book, after seeing her egg sac, I can understand how the pig must have felt carrying it in her is a LARGE egg sac!)

We decided we will let them live. We've gotten very fond of the spider. We may relocate the egg sac, to a safer place, but not destroy them.

Its odd how things grow on you. :)

Monday, September 13, 2010


So, today I was thinking about converting to Islam. I read an article on; it was about a former agnostic that had converted. She said something that really struck a chord with me. She said that after she converted (non pressured, by her own reading and research) she was sitting with another Muslim friend (who was wearing the hijab) at a diner or something, having tea. An individual came up, and saw her with her friend; he greated her friend with the formal Islamic greeting, and looked at her and said "hey, whats up?". She said she took offense to that, becasue the individual did not greet her with the formal greeting, even though she was a Muslim too...then she realized, he could not tell becuase of her appearance. That was the point she decided to wear the hijab.
It got me to thinking.

Okay, honestly, I dont want to convert to Islam. I am strong and sound in my faith, and yet, it got me thinking. When people pass me on the street, what do they see? Does my appearance portray an individual strong in thier Christian faith....or am I dismisssed like "everyone else"? Outside of words, professed belief....what sets Christians apart? I am wondering, is there any way to "make a statement....without saying a word"?

As I write this, a verse pops into my head. "Man looks at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart".

I dont need to wear a hijab, or a bracelet, or anything to profess my faith. I can if I want to (and, I think I will make an honest effort to revamp my closet to express more clearly a woman of modesty) but my heart is what matters.

I'm sure if I get my heart straight, everything else will take care of itself.


Saturday, September 11, 2010


anyways, so its been forever since I blogged. A LOT has happened....I have wanted to blog a lot, but mostly complaints. I cant say I have much to complain about now, which is good. God is good, all the time...and all the time, God is good!! Many changes are a'comin for our family, all of them good. Even when things dont seem to be very good....things are better than what they could be.

So, tonight, my dear husband has put on Netflix some oriental superhero movies.

Its amazing how bonding changes over time....for those who know us, who would'vd thought this is great bonding for us?

I love blogging....but now, I love my husband more. :) so, I guess I'm off to a night of possibly rediculous, possibly funny, very silly non english superhero movies.

I guess everyone needs a superhero, eh?