Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Take time....

I tell myself, "I'm just gonna hop on facebook and see whats up. I dont have much time...." I'm always so busy, being 'grown up', being 'a parent'.
I glance at people, and dont really mention much. I guess I've fallen out of 'social networking'. (that's 'maturity', right?...)
Then I notice a post of a friend. Her and her husband are going through a rough time. I realize, how distanced I'd become from those I once cherished. I realize how little I pay attention now; to people, places, events....
Humans are really special. Especially those whom one chooses to call "friend". In realizing how distant I've become, I've also realized how short life can be...and how much I NEED to keep in touch. Maybe not a phone call a week, but hey. A letter. A note. A prayer.
God places people in your life for a reason. Everyone in my life has a purpose, whether it be with me or not.

I plan to cherish them a bit more this year.

maybe social networking is more needed in my life than I realize. Without it, I'd forget how special individuals are.


  1. awh this is so true, and I really look forward to keeping up with my "friends" this way which is much easier when life is so full :)

    Glad to see you here ;)

  2. I keep up with so many people that I otherwise wouldn't be able to during this busy season of raising kiddos. Facebook has also become such a tool for my prayer life as well. Nice post!!

    :) Heather