Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The power of words: Stupid

So, I'm taking a little break from packing. In this break I'm reading more of a book I've been reading for a while. As I have been reading it, at different spots of the authors (in my opinion) opinions, I find myself thinking "this is stupid!!"
Then I realized, "Stupid" is a very powerful word. It can bring thoughts, ideas, and dreams to ashes. (But not opinions. Opinions are pretty resilient...) But then I realize, it usually is used when something is found to be intimidating or when the subject matter (right or wrong) is not wanted as acceptable. It's an easy word to use, instead of delving deeper into the truth of the matter behind our emotional responses to stimuli. It's easier to say something is "stupid' instead of trying to find out why it offends me.
I think, for a week, I'm not going to use the word "stupid" as a descriptor.

Except for when I'm speaking about my husband's smart phone.

Monday, August 8, 2011

On cats and manta rays and being a woman

This weekend I went to the beach. It was great. Slept on the beach, woke up to the sound of ocean's waves crashing on the beach. Saw beautiful sunsets. Enjoyed food by portable grill, (granted with a bit of sand.... :p. Watched my kids play in the ocean, and get very brown. Built a sandcastle. Saw manta rays riding the waves in the ocean (before my Kayak tipped and I thought I was going to die). Collected shells, and saw a real life Portuguese Man-of-war, All in was great. Then I got home, and had a little black kitten run up to me, meowing. She's so happy that we're home.
The joy's of life are simple, and the kitten helped me remember that. one thing this weekend I spent time doing is contemplating what it means to be a Woman. Not just female. I realize without realizing, I've spent several years wanting to become a Godly Woman. Not just inside, with prayer and faith but on the surface as well, with character and actions. I realized I've been searching for a purpose in life, one not linked to acquiring income. I read a book, and the book mentioned that (in short) the husband's duty is to make the living, and the wife's duty is to make life worth living. I guess why that's why I LOVE being a wife. And deeper still, that's why I LOVE social work. I was created to make life worth living. Not only for my self, but for my husband, children, and community.
I feel it is very important for every woman to be educated, and able to stand on her own two feet before she gets married. One never knows what trials God will allow in your life. However, I am, more and more convinced, the reason why our society is experiencing a decline in morality, propriety, and overall happiness is because in our relationships, both are working to make the living, and no one is focusing on making life worth living. To make life worth living is such a huge responsibility; to be truthful, it is such a big challenge it deserves its own college degree ("yea, I've got a bachelors in The Art of Making Life Worth Living. I'm starting my masters next year....:p)
Which brings me back to the cat. I enjoy the rubs on my face by hers. I enjoy the soft purrs, they relax me. Her rough tongue licking my skin makes me laugh. Although sometimes annoying, and often making me want to throw her across the room, I appreciate her. She, in a small way, makes my life worth living.
If a cat can make life a little bit more bearable, what more can I, a human being, do for those I love in my life?
I feel, in a small way, that God has shown me my calling. Not to run out into the world and "bring home the bacon" or even "supplement" it; but rather to take the "bacon", and create a beautiful, amazing, enjoyable, memorable meal for my family. One my kids will forever be talking about, and aspire to recreate for their future families. One who's recipe will be passed on for generations.

For, if I don't do it, then who will?